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Quasar Laser Quest

The ultimate Quasar Laser Quest adventure game for all ages, providing a unique and exhilirating experience at the largest indoor laser quest arena in the North East.

Address: 30-32 John Street, Sunderland , SR1 1RH, Tyne & Wear , United Kingdom
Telephone number: 0191 565 2916
Quasar Laser Quest

Dodge laser fire and stalk opponents in the battle zone of the 21st century. Each player is kitted out with a futuristic body back and carries a laser. Each laser quest game is played out in a 6000 square foot battle zone with raised ramp sections swirling fog music and atmospheric lighting.

You score points when you zap your opponents, but lose points when they zap you. Up to 20 players can compete in 20 minute game sessions. From team to solo games there is a multitude of different game scenarios to choose from.

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