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A place to meet

A place to meet

There will be opportunity to meet both casually and to arrange events on a much larger scale. 

There will be an event hall 100 people during library operating hours but could accommodate up to 150 in out of hours events. The space is open plan allowing for complete flexibility to host a number of functions including public speakers, book launches, TED talks, business events and weddings for example. 

There will also be plenty of opportunity to meet and have joint experiences. The Ground floor providing an 'indoor' cultural square which showcases the Culture and community values of Sunderland. The Central entrance providing active community gathering spaces which encourage inclusivity, collaboration, shared experiences and formal performances.

1. Main Entrance

2. Cafe

3. Retail / Showcase Space

4. Food Lab

5. Living Room

6. Quick Pick

7. Flexible Exhibition / Performance

8. Staff Area

9. Core

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